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Installation works inside a flare stack


Conbit Is Your Flexible Partner For Your Installation Project

Installing equipment or structures can be a complex job. Conbit is often tasked to optimize the lifting and handling philosophy in installation projects. We design the equipment, perform lifting and handling, or advise on constructability and maintainability. 

Imagine the construction and installation of a large oil production platform in open waters - many handling issues will surface. Some of these are needed to operationalize the platform, while others are only planned if necessary.

Oil tank installation, below deck lifting

Clients all over the world request Conbit’s support

Some installation jobs require special tools to install a component. These tools need to comply with stringent industry guidelines. Some of our clients require lifting and handling tools that can be used in cleanrooms. Others require lifting, rigging, or skidding tools at their offshore facility because the deck crane cannot reach them. 

Conbit’s background as an engineering company allows us to offer alternative lifting methods. We are comfortable convincing stakeholders of the feasibility. We use our engineering skills and mindset to prepare every job or design and lifting tool in great detail. The client is assured that they will have a feasible service or product before the execution of their installation project.

Lifting and rigging support

When you have completed the design and the procurement of a new piece of equipment, you want to start thinking about how to install the new module. If you have not contacted Conbit already, now is the time to do so!

Offshore operators worldwide value Conbit’s solutions for installing new modules and new pieces of equipment. They appreciate our alternatives solutions. We try to avoid crane vessels due to economic inefficiencies.

Project managers enjoy working with Conbit as we try to help complete the project. We are strong in lifting and rigging, but our main competitive advantage is our engineering background. We believe in the “power of preparation” and are not afraid to let our solutions be tested in theory before going offshore.

Constructability and maintainability assessments

We look different to installation projects. During the design phase, we are the trusted partner. We advise on the constructability and maintainability of new modules or equipment. 

We understand the challenges during installation and like sharing our experiences for your benefit.

Maintainability is important to our clients in the high-tech and energy industries. Out of operation systems immediately impact the revenue, savings, and costs. Hence, it is crucial to keep the outage as short as possible.

Our clients already consider how well the new component can be maintained or repaired during the design phases. Conbit’s lifting and handling expertise are beneficial.

For oil and gas clients, we provide handling studies during the EPC phase of new offshore platforms and FPSOs. We are often tasked with various handling methods, including flare tip and emergency valve handling. We provide the systems from concept to delivery of hardware and everything in between.

Installation of supporting equipment

The tools we use ourselves are significant contributions to many installation projects. We usually receive requests to rent out our state-of-the-art knuckle boom cranes, high-speed winches, rigging equipment, and more.

For cleanroom applications, we design custom-specific lifting and handling tools. The design is co-created with our high-tech client and worked out in detail by the Conbit engineers. We realize our designs into real products. 

When there is no crane, Conbit provides the lifting capacity.

Our clients often require lifting capacity in areas with no regular crane when installing new modules to an existing facility. The versatile lifting and rigging equipment Conbit uses, combined with our problem-solving mindset, allows filling the lifting capacity envelope. 

We are requested to provide lifting solutions to connect bridges between the new and existing offshore facility or hook up the topsides to the piping in the jacket.

How we work

Cable riser protection frame installation
Cable riser protection frame installation
Cable riser protection frame installation
Installation on difficult reachable location
In between deck installation
Array cable pull in
installation of entire unit
Installation of a pre assembled unit
Installation of a pre assembled unit
Installation of pre assembled unit
Installation of deck extension - Total
Installation of deck extension - Total
Installation of deck extension - Total


We're here to answer your questions

Do you have any technical questions, general enquiries or do you need additional information? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts. With their expertise and experience in lifting services, they will gladly help you.

You can contact us by phone or email. We’re looking forward to your questions!
Bram van Oirschot

Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director