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Crane Services Worldwide

Knuckle boom cranes to heavy lift cranes or standard offshore cranes. Conbit services all.

Crane Services Worldwide

Owners of offshore facilities and vessels place immense value on Conbit's global crane services. At Conbit, our dedicated engineers are committed to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of every crane navigating the world's seas.

But how do we achieve this?

The answer is simple: Reach out to the Conbit team, and let us take it from there.

Our clients frequently praise us, stating, "Conbit keeps all our cranes operational, anywhere in the world." This is a testament to the comprehensive range of services we provide to ensure your crane remains in peak condition:

  1. Inspection: We meticulously inspect your crane, identifying any potential issues before they become major problems.
  2. Preventive Maintenance: Our proactive maintenance programs are designed to prevent breakdowns and keep your crane running smoothly.
  3. Repairs: When issues do arise, our skilled technicians are on hand to make swift and effective repairs.
  4. Major Overhauls: For more extensive maintenance needs, we offer major overhauls to rejuvenate your crane's performance.
  5. Replacement: If your crane reaches the end of its lifecycle, we can seamlessly facilitate its replacement.

Moreover, Conbit is more than just a service provider; we are a turnkey solution. Through meticulous preparation, our clients can rest assured that they are receiving best-in-class service. When Conbit comes on board, operations run seamlessly, and lifting challenges are met with precision and expertise.

Choose Conbit for your crane service needs and experience the difference in performance and reliability that our global crane services deliver. Contact us today to discover how we can keep your cranes operating at their very best, no matter where they are in the world.

Repairing a crane boom with a temporary boom rest supporting the boom during welding activities offshore.

Inspecting your crane is Mission-Critical

At Conbit, we understand that inspecting your crane is a mission-critical task. It's a fundamental part of our comprehensive crane lifetime services program, where we leave no room for compromise. Our inspection services encompass three crucial types:

Initial Inspections:

Serving as a trusted third party on behalf of offshore asset owners, we meticulously inspect cranes upon delivery from the OEM. Moreover, we provide certification when significant modifications, upgrades, or repairs have been carried out.

Annual Inspections:

To comply with statutory requirements, we conduct annual inspections, ensuring your crane meets all necessary standards. Our certification is your guarantee of compliance.

Five-Year Inspections:

Conbit goes the extra mile by dispatching multi-disciplinary inspection crews to offshore and vessel cranes for extensive five-year inspections, which include comprehensive full load tests. The certificates we issue are in full compliance with statutory requirements.

Once the inspection is complete, we don't stop there. We provide valuable advice on rectification and maintenance, assisting crane owners in making informed decisions. And, upon request, we're fully equipped to execute the necessary repairs and maintenance activities, ensuring the continued reliability and performance of your crane. Trust Conbit to safeguard the mission-critical inspection process, leaving your crane in peak condition for optimal operations.

Inspections ofcranes can be performed offshore by a certified inspection crew of Conbit. Bolt inspections, visual inspections, instrumentation.

Preventive maintenance keeps your crane going

A crane that isn't operating at its best can have a significant impact on your asset's productivity. When your offshore facility's crane isn't in service, it can lead to reduced output, making it challenging to keep personnel onboard due to the inability to lift essential supplies. Moreover, marine activities can come to a halt, resulting in project delays that can be costly.

The solution to these challenges lies in preventive maintenance, and Conbit understands the delicate balance you must strike when making maintenance decisions. We offer practical advice that considers both your mission and your budget. Leveraging our extensive experience, we provide guidance on maintenance activities, categorizing them using a risk-based decision model.

Interested in learning more about the risk-based assessment of preventive maintenance activities for your crane? Don't hesitate to reach out to Conbit today! Let's ensure your crane operates at its best, safeguarding your asset's efficiency and productivity. Contact us now for expert guidance.

Crane repairs and major overhauls are unavoidable, sometimes

Restoring your crane to full functionality following a failure or identified issue is our primary concern. All you need to do is bring us to your asset, and we'll swiftly ensure your crane is back in operational mode.

We bring together our diverse competencies to deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution. Conbit's engineers are proficient in repairing hydraulics, electrical components, instrumentation, and complete winches. Our experienced crews also excel in replacing crane wires and addressing rigging material concerns as part of our comprehensive service package.

To make our service offering even more complete, Conbit extends its expertise to include services like in-line boring, flange facing, and other on-site machining activities, along with proficient bolting services.

Following a major repair, we take the extra step to commission, rigorously test, and re-certify your crane, ensuring it's fully prepared to resume its crucial work. Count on Conbit to swiftly restore your crane to operational excellence. Reach out to us today to get your crane back up and running efficiently.

Replacing of cranes brings a different set of challenges

Conbit specializes in the replacement of cranes that have exceeded their commercial or technical lifespan. We work with clients worldwide to facilitate this transition, recognizing that it often affects the class approvals of entire offshore or marine assets. What may have been acceptable during the initial construction of your vessel or offshore platform may no longer meet current industry standards. To bridge this gap, our skilled structural engineers assist in meticulously planning the crane replacement process.

Executing the actual replacement can pose a significant challenge, involving multiple stakeholders. At Conbit, we take on the lion's share of tasks and responsibilities, confidently managing interfaces with third parties as needed. In fact, we're equipped to assume control of offshore lifting operations if the situation requires it.

Replacing cranes can be performed effectively by crane vessels and jack up barges. Have Conbit onsite to plan the operation, supervise the lift, perform the installation and commissionign the crane. Conbit will also perform the oad test and other system tests before performing the Initial inspection to meet statutory requirements.

Rental cranes and temporary lifting solutions

In certain projects, temporary replacement of the deck crane may be necessary. Conbit steps in with a temporary lifting solution, backed by a fleet of rental cranes, ensuring that your offshore asset continues to operate seamlessly. Trust Conbit to navigate the complexities of crane replacement, safeguarding the efficiency and integrity of your operations. Reach out to us today to discuss your crane replacement needs.

How we work

Full crane boom repair offshore requires a dedicated Conbit team.
Replacing cranes requires specialists to make sure that the operation is completed as fast and as safe as possible. Contact Conbit to stand beside your project team.
Performing inspections and maintenance on deck cranes requires multi skilled teams, including welding, electrical, instrumentation, hydraulics and rigging. Conbit offers a comprehensive team to take the complete project over the finish line.
Additional lifting capacity might be required during your crane maintenance project. Conbit offers a fleet of knuckle boom cranes to support your project offshore.
Load testing is part of Conbit's inspection and maintenance service portfolio. We start with engineering, and do not leave site before your crane is operational again.

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