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Conbit is working on oil and gas assets all around the globe
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Oil & Gas


Conbit operates within the Oil & gas, petrochemical, wind and high-tech market

Adding value to various industries

Conbit’s journey passed several industries. While the company enjoys working with them, some industries have a bigger need for Conbit’s unique competencies than others. 
Conbit has experience with working on oil and gas platforms all around the globe

Oil & Gas

Offshore lifting

Offshore lifting is the last step. It is when all your preparation comes together. You have worked hard to procure a new module or upgrade your facilities. Offshore lifting is the conclusion of your project.

Conbit can guide you through challenging projects such as:

  • Installation of offshore oil and gas modules
  • Maintenance on oil and gas platforms or FPSO’s
  • Replacement of offshore modules
  • Inspections, lifetime extension analysis, recertification of platforms
  • Decommissioning of modules
  • Decommissioning preparations for heavy lift
  • Decommissioning lift analysis
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Conbit provides added value in the petrochemical industry


Onshore Lifting Challenges

Your flare is a special piece of equipment, and servicing it is only possible during tight shutdown windows. Conbit performs lifting outside the reach of regular cranes, operates your retractable flare system, or lets you benefit from its guy wire integrity program.

Other lifting challenges Conbit can contribute to include:

  • Jetties
  • Flare tip handling
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Conbit can assist with lifting in offshore wind projects


Lifting in Offshore Wind

Operators of offshore wind farms request Conbit to maintain or modify their projects. We are often asked to perform lifting at substations outside the reach of the deck crane.

The floating offshore wind industry will complete its business case with Conbit’s unique replacement system for major components inside wind turbine generators.

Other projects Conbit in which Conbit can add value to your lifting challenge are:

  • Array cable pulling
  • Crane maintenance
  • Wall panel repair
  • Boat landing replacements
  • Structural modifications to substations
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Conbit high-tech business unit

High Tech

High-Spec Lifting and Handling Equipment

Suppliers in high tech industries require tools that meet the industry’s high specifications. Conbit serves the semiconductor, medical devices, automotive, and food industries. We use tools that can be operated in cleanrooms or other restrictive environments.

Conbit start with designing tools and cover the complete process until delivery and training. We assemble the tools in our cleanroom, meeting the strict requirements for cleanroom use.

Conbit can add value to your project when you have one off the following challenges:

  • Design and engineering of customer specific tools and equipment
  • Supply Conbit HT designed tools and equipment
  • Supply customer designed tools and equipment
  • Inspect, test, and certify tools and equipment
  • Maintain and repair tools and equipment
  • On-site handling services
  • Special project lifting and handling worldwide
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We're certifitied for the job



FPAL Verified. We are audited by FPAL on quality, safety, health, environment, competencies and training in the oil and gas industry.



An EKH certificate shows that we inspects, repair and maintain lifting and rigging equipment according to EKH procedures, and guidelines. It is similar to LEEA.

ESO 9001

ESO 9001

We are ISO 9001 certified. ISO is a quality standard that shows our commitment to continuously improving our organization.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 shows that we fulfil the requirements for an environmental management system developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

We are ISO 45001 certified. It is the new ISO standard that is being developed for occupational safety and health.


We're here to answer your questions

Do you have any technical questions, general enquiries or do you need additional information? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts. With their expertise and experience in lifting services, they will gladly help you.

You can contact us by phone or email. We’re looking forward to your questions!
Joop de Fouw

Joop de Fouw

Technical Director