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Flare tip replacement, lifting directly to and fram a supply vessel


Making Your Maintenance Project Effective

Over the last decades, the approach to maintenance has changed. Systems need to produce, and outages must be as short as possible. Preventive maintenance philosophies are introduced for better production forecasting. Conbit is requested to support predictive and corrective maintenance projects. The time pressure is different, but the approach is similar.

Our clients require effective handling methods to support maintenance activities. Components are separated from the production system using Conbit’s lifting, rigging, and skidding solutions. Often these are fully integrated into the production system, which means they are out of reach for regular cranes. They can completely stop production when out of service.

Conbit is dedicated to performing a fast intervention while minimizing the risks of schedule delays. 

Flare tip replacement with rope access technician

Lifting operations during planned shutdowns

Most lifting during shutdowns supports predictive maintenance works like: 

  • a flare tip needs replacement 
  • a pipeline needs extraction 
  • a component needs replacement from within a machine, or 
  • a critical part needs extraction 

Many components require special lifting and handling systems designed, supplied, and operated by Conbit.

Within a shutdown, time is of the essence. The project planning must be a realistic reflection of the works. It is important to have a short project lead time. However, it is even more important to stay within the lead time, as unexpected delays can significantly impact. Our clients value our honest and realistic planning and preparation for any lifting operation.

Lifting for corrective maintenance

When a component fails without being prepared for maintenance, the lifting and handling contractor should be mobilized on short notice. Although Conbit is accustomed to preparing projects in much detail, we can also act fast. Our clients appreciate that we have a senior crew and senior engineers who can intervene on very short notice. 

Routine maintenance can cause dangerous situations.

Conbit has become a preferred rigging contractor for many heavy industry clients after an incident has occurred. Relatively small rigging jobs are one of the biggest causes of Lot Time Incidents in heavy industries. Once a company realizes this and finds its way to Conbit, it often improves its safety records significantly. 

Rigging is a specialist job. A 1,000 kg component might seem light, but it can significantly impact people and the plant when dropped. By getting Conbit involved, you will be sure a specialist is looking over your shoulder. When Conbit is performing the rigging job, you will feel comfortable with the displayed expertise of the complete crew and back office.

How we work

Flare tip replacement with modular lifting system on top
Flare tip replacement with modular lifting system on top
Flare tip replacement with modular lifting system on top
Snapper flare tip replacement
We can help you with

Flare Tip Access Platform Revamp

Avoid using crane vessels for modifying an offshore flare structure. Clients all over the world ask for Conbit's expertise for replacing flare tips and revamp other parts of the flare structure.

Replacing a flare tip with a temporary lifting system that is connected to the main flare structure. All loads are introduced into the main flare structure.
We can help you with

Offshore Crane Boom Replacement

Using smart modular lifting systems to create gantries to support crane boom replacement projects is a very cost-effective and safe method to replace crane booms.

A gantry system equipped with a skidding system is used to replace a boom of an offshore crane
We can help you with

Flare tip replacements Chevron

Succesful flare tip replacements for Chevron on Sanha, BBLT and GIP-H.

Gantry system used to replace the flare tips at the BBLT platform, offshore Angola by Conbit for Chevron.
We can help you with

Workshop Rope Access in Offshore

Rope access is an effective technique to get access to work locations offshore.
We can help you with

Total Energies Lifting Recommendations

Installing a living quarter module underneath a helideck using aliminum lifting structures that are temporarily installed on the helideck.
We can help you with

Conbit supports Indian maritime and offshore industry

We inspect marine and offshore cranes all over the world. Conbit is certified to carry out statutory and periodic inspections. Our global network of certified inspectors will keep your cranes operational.
We can help you with

Crane Services Worldwide

Knuckle boom cranes to heavy lift cranes or standard offshore cranes. Conbit services all.
We can help you with

Flare tip handling workshop

Flare tip replacement in offshore environments require proper planning. It all starts with educating people involved.
We can help you with

Offshore and Marine Cranes Workshop

Knuckle boom cranes and other marine cranes are inspected globally by Conbit's network of inspectors
We can help you with

Rapid Response Service

Versatile lifting system easily deployed to offshore locations for small lifting tasks. Adaptable to challenging situations, manually assembled, and perfect for emergency response scenarios, ensuring swift and effective operations.


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Bram van Oirschot

Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director