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Conbit equipment can be rented to assist in your project

Heavy lifting equipment

Are you looking for (heavy) lifting equipment or heavy load-handling tools? Conbit provides all the lifting equipment you need. We supply lifting equipment for rental and, in certain cases, for sale.

Conbit has developed a set of modular temporary-crane equipment. A wide variety of temporary cranes can be assembled from the modules. If you require a custom temporary crane, Conbit can provide an assembly that matches your lifting requirements.

Riggers and service technicians from Conbit’s rigging teams support equipment users in the field. We use this pool of riggers as a flexible workforce. They are working on servicing the Conbit developed tools and can be deployed on turnkey lifting contracts. The combination of hardcore engineering and the field expertise makes Conbit a valuable partner for the offshore industry.

Conbit assisted with the installation of an living unit

Why choose Conbit?

We work according to the highest standards, international codes and customer specifications

As a result of using Conbit’s heavy lifting equipment, many operations are more effective and safer than setting up huge cranes or crane vessels. Conbit provides:

  • Alternative solutions for heavy lifting
  • One-stop shopping for available lifting and rigging equipment
  • Specialised lifting know-how and experience
  • Equipment management services
  • Contracting services
  • Structural or mechanical engineering services
A gantry is used to replace a deck crane on an offshore asset offshore Denmark.

Offshore Wind

Conbit also designs and supplies lifting and handling tools for the offshore wind industry

From design specifications for the new lifting or handling tool to a fully detailed engineering package, the Conbit equipment design team will guide the process to the final delivery of the project.

Mechanical, electrical, and mechatronics competencies are available within the team complemented by strong welding competencies and a group of users within the company. Conbit’s design team is your partner to develop your new lifting and handling tool.

Fabrication and assembly

Conbit works with a strong network of fabricators and component suppliers. The Conbit team oversees the entire manufacturing process to comply with the quality manuals produced during the design phase. QA/QC Engineers safeguard the quality of the fabrication process.


The equipment design team coordinates the integration of the tools into the work package and procedures of the end user. Conbit’s riggers support the first time set up and will train the client’s crew. The design team works closely with Conbit’s service team riggers.


We're here to answer your questions

Do you have any technical questions, general enquiries or do you need additional information? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts. With their expertise and experience in lifting services, they will gladly help you.

You can contact us by phone or email. We’re looking forward to your questions!
Joop de Fouw

Joop de Fouw

Technical Director