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Diesel tank replacement euro platform


Limit Operational Performance During Modification

Modification of existing assets impacts operational performance. Owners of these assets consider the future gain and calculate ROI accordingly. They also try to minimize the short-term effect of the modification works. Keeping exposure limited is important during modification projects.

“Modification projects impact production capacity and therefore the effectivity of modification works needs to be optimized.”

Anoa Deck extension load test of Conbit lifting system

Modification schedule optimization

Conbit is often brought into the project to ensure that the operational impact is kept to a minimum. We design our installation methodologies to do just that. Preventing hot works, subsea work, or marine spread positively affects the modification lead time. 

Activities that require stopping a piece of equipment or shutting down a complete platform should be limited. Limiting the duration of the production outage is important to avoid significant project costs.

Lifting and handling methods 

For modification projects, often lifting and handling operations are required. The operations are often classified as high risk, which might result in loss of production. Operators and owners of production facilities understand that there are ways to minimize the impact of such risks.

That is the main reason for getting Conbit into their modification projects. 

Realistic planning makes a difference.

There are many technical challenges Conbit has solved in the past. The most added value comes from Conbit being well-prepared. Before we start a project, we clearly understand all interfaces. We prepare the client to set aside the right budget and let them plan their maintenance works.

Conbit plans realistically because we understand that our clients are planning their production. 

How we work

Cooler replacement by making use of special lifting and handling methods
Cooler replacement by making use of special lifting and handling methods
Offshore deck crane pedestal replacement
Conbit crew working on modifications for helideck netting
living quarer installation Total
Crane on top of the helideck working on living quarter installation
Living quarter getting lifted in place
Living quarter getting in to the right place
Lifting system used for ANOA deck extension
Conbit crew working on the lifting equipment
Deck extension almost installed at the ANOA platform
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Flare Tip Access Platform Revamp

Avoid using crane vessels for modifying an offshore flare structure. Clients all over the world ask for Conbit's expertise for replacing flare tips and revamp other parts of the flare structure.

Replacing a flare tip with a temporary lifting system that is connected to the main flare structure. All loads are introduced into the main flare structure.
We can help you with

OSS Deck Crane Replacement

Replacing deck cranes from offshore substations will be more cost effecting using modular lifting systems.

This single boom lifting system can be used to replace small deck cranes.
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Offshore Crane Boom Replacement

Using smart modular lifting systems to create gantries to support crane boom replacement projects is a very cost-effective and safe method to replace crane booms.

A gantry system equipped with a skidding system is used to replace a boom of an offshore crane
We can help you with

Workshop Rope Access in Offshore

Rope access is an effective technique to get access to work locations offshore.
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Total Energies Lifting Recommendations

Installing a living quarter module underneath a helideck using aliminum lifting structures that are temporarily installed on the helideck.
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Conbit supports Indian maritime and offshore industry

We inspect marine and offshore cranes all over the world. Conbit is certified to carry out statutory and periodic inspections. Our global network of certified inspectors will keep your cranes operational.
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Crane Services Worldwide

Knuckle boom cranes to heavy lift cranes or standard offshore cranes. Conbit services all.
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Offshore and Marine Cranes Workshop

Knuckle boom cranes and other marine cranes are inspected globally by Conbit's network of inspectors


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Jeroen Migchels

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