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Workshop Rope Access in Offshore

Rope access is an effective technique to get access to work locations offshore.

Workshop Rope Access in Offshore

Workshop: Fundamentals of Rope Access in Offshore Environments

Conbit's Complimentary Workshop: Fundamentals of Rope Access in Offshore Environments

We are excited to invite engineers, project managers, shutdown managers, maintenance coordinators, inspection coordinators, QHSE coordinators, as well as operators of offshore oil and gas assets and operators of offshore wind assets, to our exclusive webinar on the fundamentals of rope access in offshore environments.

During this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into the following topics:

Rope access is a vital part of many offshore decommissioning projects. In this case the caissons are cut with blow torches while the mechanic is using rope access.

1. Fundamentals of Rope Access:

Learn about the core principles and techniques of rope access, including equipment, safety measures, and best practices.


Understand the significance of international rope access certifications such as IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians), and GWO (Global Wind Organization) for ensuring safety and professionalism.

3. Rope Access in Combination with Inspection Works: Discover how rope access can be effectively utilized in conjunction with inspection projects, enabling access to challenging areas and improving efficiency.

4. Rope Access in Combination with Lifting Projects:

Explore how Conbit leverages rope access techniques to provide lifting solutions beyond the capabilities of deck cranes, allowing for operations outside normal platform parameters.

5. Above Water Rope Access:

Learn about the specific challenges and considerations when performing rope access tasks above water, including safety precautions and specialized equipment.

6. Rope Works in Combination with Hot Works:

Gain insights into the safe execution of rope works in environments where hot works are required, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

7. Preparations for Offshore Projects:

Understand the key preparations necessary for successful execution of rope access projects in offshore environments, including risk assessments, equipment selection, and planning.

Workshop Details:

- Duration: The workshop will last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the specific needs and interests of the audience.

- Attendees: We are limiting the workshop to one company at a time to provide a personalized and focused experience.

- Cost: This workshop is complimentary as part of our commitment to knowledge sharing and industry collaboration.

To schedule your workshop, please send an email to Bram van Oirschot at We encourage you to book early, as spaces are limited.

Conbit is proud to be a member of the IRATA community and holds the necessary certifications to ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of rope access in offshore environments. Join us for this engaging webinar and discover how Conbit can support your lifting and access needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our workshop soon!

How we work

Diamond wire cutting by experienced IRATA rope access technicians during the decommissioning of an offshore facility
Rope access used during the replacement of a life boat davit offshore Gulf of Mexico
Install a temporary lifting systems using rope access is an effective way to create lifting capacity where no regular crane can reach.
Below deck and above water rope access requires a distinct set of safety measures.

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