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Offshore and Marine Cranes Workshop

Knuckle boom cranes and other marine cranes are inspected globally by Conbit's network of inspectors

Offshore and Marine Cranes Workshop

Keep your crane operational at all times - Free Webinar

Free Workshop November 22nd

Join our crane experts on an extensive online webinar, during which maintenance and inspections of offshore cranes and maritime cranes will be covered.

The presenter will outline how to keep your crane operational effectively. He will demonstrate how this state-of-the art approach can be applied globally.

Offshore Crane Inspections

Crane inspections can be combined with other activities at the platform, e.g. inspection of life saving appliances or with other lifting projects. Conbit offers a global crane inspection service.

When inspecting offshore cranes, our inspectors take the age of the crane and othe site specific factors into account. In this way, you get more insights in the condition of your crane. Of course, statutory requirements are met, but also more details will be provided for you to estimate risk of failure.

Vessel Crane Inspections

Owners of fleets seagoing vessels, find in Conbit a one-stop-shop for inspecting the cranes on their vessels. Conbit's network allow to coordinate inspections globally from its headquarters in The Netherlands, and hubs in Kuala Lumpur and Houston. The inspectors are based locally avoiding travel expenses and time inefficiencies.

One contact person to perform all inspections for your complete fleet of cranes.

Crane inspections carried out by local inspectors with the back up of Conbit's headquarters in the Netherlands and Conbit's hubs in Houston and Kuala Lumpur. Annual inspections and five yearly inspections of marine cranes and offshore cranes.

Offshore crane boom maintenance

Conbit performs overhauls on crane booms, and also replaces complete crane booms on offshore assets without using expensive marine spread. Until today, we have managed to execute these projects without the offshore asset having to shut down.

Do you want to know how we do this? Sign up for the webinar.

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Turnkey approach to keep your crane operational

During the webinar, you learn how you can effectively keep your crane operational. You have to meet regulatory requirements and can benefit from an asset management approach. Asset management is a buzz word in the industry, and we like you to define what that means to you.

During the webinar, you will learn on what parts of asset management you need to focus to get the service you need.

Meeting statutory requirements

It seems a necessary evil. However, you can also regard statutory requirements as a chance to optimize your crane operations. The prescribed inspections give you the opportunity to have a good look at your crane once in a while. You can make sure that you adapt to your future projects.

After the webinar

You probably have many questions after the webinar.

  • What does this mean for me and my fleet?
  • How can I do better, more economic, and have more reliable cranes?
  • What activities can I combine to make my crane future-proof?

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions during a Q&A session, but you can also reach out to us to meet online or in person.

Our goal for this webinar is to let you think on how to optimize. We are happy to get to know you and really look forward to add value to your daily life in the field.

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How we work

Conbit is an accredited partner of Cralog. Cralog's systems allow Conbit to provide world class inspection services all over the world

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