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OSS Deck Crane Replacement

This single boom lifting system can be used to replace small deck cranes.

OSS Deck Crane Replacement

Temporary lifting systems to replace deck cranes on offshore wind substations

Many first-generation offshore substations are currently equipped with cranes that no longer meet the updated guidelines and requirements. As a result, operators of these offshore wind substations are considering options to enhance their crane capacity, either through replacement or refurbishment.

If the decision is made to replace or refurbish the crane onshore, it becomes necessary to lift the existing crane off the substation's deck and install the new crane. Two methods are being considered for these lifting operations: utilizing modular lifting systems or deploying a crane on a vessel.

Conbit offers unique lifting systems specifically designed for offshore lifts, capable of safely executing these operations. Our lifting systems provide a reliable solution even when the deck crane is not operational, ensuring uninterrupted lifting capacity.

By leveraging our expertise in offshore lifting, Conbit is well-equipped to assist in upgrading crane capacity on offshore substations. Our innovative solutions enable efficient and effective lifting operations, ensuring a seamless transition for enhanced crane functionality.

Concept of a lifting system that can be used to lift deck cranes off and on offshore wind substations

Opting for modular lifting systems significantly reduces the cost impact associated with replacing or refurbishing a deck crane. Conbit utilizes modular systems that can be lifted using the existing deck crane. These systems are constructed from lightweight elements, enabling them to be lifted by the current deck crane and manually handled on the substation's deck.

Conbit's lifting systems are specifically designed for offshore lifts, eliminating the need for a large crane or construction vessel to be present alongside the substation. These systems are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each lift and can undergo third-party verification. Prior to mobilization, a comprehensive load test is performed to validate the feasibility of the meticulously engineered lift system.

Further considerations

Additional considerations arise when replacing the deck crane of an offshore substation. The operator may need to re-evaluate the structural integrity of the main structure to ensure it is compatible with the new crane. The modified situation also requires verification by a third party.

Conbit's turnkey lifting support

Conbit offers comprehensive support throughout the process. Our engineers utilize specialized software, such as SACS, to assess various scenarios and evaluate the structural impact of the deck crane replacement. We can also assist in the OSS re-certification process and provide guidance in selecting the new crane. Furthermore, Conbit can take on (partial) procurement responsibilities and offer inspection and maintenance services for the new crane throughout its lifetime.

Rely on Conbit's expertise to streamline your deck crane replacement project, minimize costs, and ensure compliance with all necessary requirements.

Involve Conbit early in project.

Conbit published a whitepaper on replacement of deck cranes. Please request your whitepaper by contacting Conbit.

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