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Offshore Crane Boom Replacement

A gantry system equipped with a skidding system is used to replace a boom of an offshore crane

Offshore Crane Boom Replacement

Replacing crane booms in offshore environment completed safely and effectively

In the realm of replacing crane booms on offshore platforms, the need for a crane vessel is no longer necessary thanks to Conbit's innovative approach. While the concept itself is not new, Conbit has optimized the process to deliver efficient results.

Conbit engineers have developed a solution centered around two slender gantry structures. These gantries are designed to provide support for both the weight of the existing crane boom and the new one being installed. The stability of the gantries is ensured through the implementation of tension lines, which contribute to a secure and controlled replacement process.

By utilizing this method, Conbit eliminates the requirement for large marine spreads or crane vessels, reducing complexity and cost. The streamlined approach allows for crane boom replacements to be conducted directly on the offshore platform, saving valuable time and resources.

Trust Conbit to revolutionize your crane boom replacement project, offering a practical solution that optimizes efficiency and minimizes operational disruptions. Our expertise in creating innovative lifting systems ensures a smooth and successful process.

Blue Conbit gantry that can be assembled manually is ideal to replace crane booms offshore

Conbit's approach to utilizing temporary systems in crane boom replacements has garnered high praise from offshore operators. Rather than opting for expensive heavy lift vessels and potentially losing control over the project, more and more operators are choosing to fly in Conbit's experts.

Crane boom replacement process

The process for replacing crane booms using Conbit's system is straightforward. The gantry components are lifted onboard the offshore facility using the existing deck crane, even if its capacity has been downgraded. Manual assembly of the gantries takes place onboard, and once erected, they are secured using guidelines.

The existing crane is then used to lift the components of the new crane boom onto the gantries. If necessary, additional gantries can be installed to accommodate the assembly of multiple crane boom components. The gantry structures are equipped with a skidding system, enabling the old crane boom to be skidded away and the new one to be skidded into position.

Once the new crane boom is installed and commissioned, it lifts off the old crane boom. The repaired crane then supports the demobilization operation.

Conbit's approach to crane boom replacement

Conbit's project approach challenges the common perception that crane boom replacements require crane vessels or load bearing scaffolds. In reality, Conbit's method requires minimal space. However, a site visit and thorough engineering assessment are necessary to determine the optimal locations for the gantries and connection points for the tension lines. Once detailed engineering is completed, the project is prepared before mobilization.

Once onboard the offshore facility, the process is highly efficient and, most importantly, safe. It is advisable to engage with Conbit early in the project, ideally after ordering the new crane boom. The lead time for the new crane boom aligns with the time required for Conbit to prepare for a safe and efficient offshore replacement.

For a successful and seamless crane boom replacement, rely on Conbit's expertise and reach out to us during the early stages of your project. We provide valuable guidance and ensure a secure and efficient offshore operation.

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