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Flare Tip Handling on FPSO's

Replacing flare tips on an FPSO brings specific challenges, such as guiding the load and dynamic factors

Flare Tip Handling on FPSO's

Modular lifting used to lift flare tips on Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessels

Replacing flare tips on FPSO's and FLNG's requires the expertise of specialists who understand the unique challenges associated with working on floating assets. There are two primary methods for replacing flare tips on these vessels: helicopter assistance or mechanical handling.

Mechanical handling proves to be a more cost-effective option that allows the client to maintain complete control over the planning process. On the other hand, helicopters can provide faster replacements, granted favorable weather conditions. At Conbit, we specialize in utilizing modular lifting systems for flare tip replacements. Our approach involves thorough testing of the lifting systems before mobilization and assembly during the shutdown period.

The duration of the shutdown typically ranges from 3 to 6 days, depending on the complexity of the project. By leveraging our expertise and efficient procedures, we ensure that the replacement process is executed with precision and minimal disruption. Trust Conbit to handle your flare tip replacement needs, whether it's on FPSO's or FLNG's, and experience the benefits of our specialized approach.

Replace flare tips using temporary lifting systems.

Conbit has gained extensive experience in performing flare tip replacements on FPSO's, and we are always eager to share the valuable lessons we have learned. Please feel free to contact us at any time for assistance or guidance. Here are some initial considerations to keep in mind:

Load Guidance:

During the lifting operation, it is crucial to ensure proper control over the flare tip to avoid equipment damage or other potential impacts. For guiding the load of the flare tip on floating facilities like FPSO's and FLNG vessels, two main options are considered:

  • Guide rail: This involves utilizing a guide rail equipped with a trolley to which the flare tip is securely strapped.
  • Guideline: An alternative approach is to use a guideline that functions as a zipline, providing a controlled path for the load descent.

Deck Transport Route:

In most projects, clients are responsible for transporting the flare tip from the laydown area to a suitable deck crane. Conbit strongly advises analyzing the transport route for potential obstacles well in advance of commencing offshore operations.

Flare Tower Design Considerations:

Conbit actively contributes to the design process of flare structures. We offer recommendations that facilitate future flare tip replacements and provide flare tip handling procedures during the offshore facility's design phase. Don't hesitate to reach out to Conbit for further advice and assistance in this regard.

We are committed to ensuring successful flare tip replacements and offer our expertise to optimize your project's outcomes. Contact Conbit to benefit from our knowledge and guidance in overcoming the challenges associated with FPSO flare tip replacements.

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