Structural Reinforcement: High Voltage Pylons

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Liandon, Novec, WL Winet contracted Conbit to deliver the solution for their challenge to extend the load-bearing capacity of several high voltage pylons.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

Structural engineering on high voltage pylons done by Conbit

Conbit’s expertise in structural engineering 

Over the past 20 years, Conbit has established a long and excellent track record in structural engineering of hundreds of towers of all kinds, including high-voltage pylons. If a tower lacks load-bearing capacity, Conbit engineers will gladly apply their expertise to solve it.

Conbit offers complete engineering services for high-voltage pylon sites. They make designs and calculations to strengthen structures and foundations. Conbit is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that performs full high-voltage pylon structural calculations.

The process

For this project, the engineers started with a structural analysis. Based on the existing pylon design and the reinforcement requirements, they checked whether the current construction was sufficient or needed reinforcement.

Then, the engineers came up with the best possible solution to reinforce the structure. The necessary adjustments, such as adding L- profiles and replacing existing parts, were calculated, drawn, and specified in detail. Conbit also provided the design and calculations for strengthening the foundation. 

Additional value

When it comes to deploying extra structural members or exchanging existing ones, Conbit can provide you with a team of specialists experienced in these works.

See how we got to work

Structural Reinforcement: High Voltage Pylons
Structural Reinforcement: High Voltage Pylons
Structural Reinforcement: High Voltage Pylons

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