Engineering Removable Boat Landings - Boskalis Tugs

Structural engineering specialist

Boskalis commissioned Conbit’s expertise in structural engineering to do the engineering scope for the five removable boat landings.

Five of Boskalis’ tug boats assisted during the installation of the FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage, and Offloading) in the South Atlantic Ocean. These five tug boats (the Union Bear, Union Lynx, Union Manta, Union Princess, and Union Sovereign) were equipped with a removable boat landing. This boat landing ensured a safe crew transfer offshore.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

The complete engineering package provided by Conbit

Engineering and support 

Conbit provided the complete engineering package for this project. It started with discussing the requirements and providing a concept design solution to ensure a safe and secure crew transfer.

In the detailed engineering phase, Conbit further designed the boat landings. It consisted of the boat landing ladder, cage ladder, and interface platform. They also provided the exact detailed drawings for all production and fabrication items.

Conbit performed a structural analysis for all five boat landings ensuring the strength and local stability of the steel structure and the connections, meeting the requirements stated in the AISC- ASD norm. Additionally, Conbit provided fabrication and installation support.


This project had a very tight deadline. Conbit’s extensive experience in structural engineering in offshore environments and successful communication lines has benefitted this project.

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Engineering Removable Boat Landings - Boskalis Tugs
Engineering Removable Boat Landings - Boskalis Tugs
Engineering Removable Boat Landings - Boskalis Tugs
Engineering Removable Boat Landings - Boskalis Tugs

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