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Look Into the Experiences of Conbit's Sales and Engineering Interns

We believe that #ThePowerofPreparation and hands-on experience are key to building a solid foundation in any career. With this belief, we can provide the support, guidance, and industry knowledge to contribute to the development of the careers of young, rising professionals.

With our international sales internships, Conbit provides interns with the opportunity to put their studies into practice by developing  sales skills and techniques from the leadership of our  Sales Managers, exposing Conbit interns to vast methods to approach clients confidently. Our recent interns, Wassim Ben Hamouda and Daan Tonnaer joined our sales team and had the opportunity to organize and go on  an international business trip of their own to a region of their choice, which also met the needs of Conbit.

Wassim Ben Hamouda

International Business student at Avans University ‘s-Hertogenbosch

 Wassim chose parts of the Europe and North Africa regions that focus mainly on the offshore oil and gas market. Wassim was accompanied by  Deniz Him (Sales Manager for the Middle East region), in meetings with prospective clients, such as Petrobel, Zeitco, and PMS among many others.

Thanks to training sessions and simply listening carefully to the sales managers at Conbit, I learned skills to make sure you stand out in the field of sales. What makes me different, what makes me the person they want to be at the table with? I learned that during prospecting, you must start with a message that sticks…

The highlight of my internship was the two business trips, to Italy and Egypt, and especially the trip to Egypt has been most memorable. I prepared myself for the business trip to Egypt for more than a month. During this period, I did a lot of research on the market and players in the market in Egypt. During that time, I tried to make connections. The most obvious way of making connections was LinkedIn.”

Daan Tonnaer

International Business and Languages student at Fontys University Eindhoven


Daan boldly approached the West Africa region which also focused on the offshore oil and gas market. Together with  Maarten de Graaf (Sales Manager for West Africa), they  met with various leading companies in the offshore oil and gas industry, such as Total ENI, Ponticelli, Saipem and many others.

“During my internship, I had the opportunity to focus on the offshore oil and gas market of the Republic of Congo.  After arranging meetings with potential clients, I traveled to Pointe-Noire, the oil and gas capital of the Republic of Congo. Together with Maarten de Graaf, we visited numerous companies and had multiple valuable meetings.

The business trip was also a key moment for my internship. As an international business student, one should seek to work with/amongst different cultures, and such a business trip gave me an amazing experience I will never forget.


In my opinion, Conbit is exceeding other companies in managing interns. The internship is intended as a learning process, and thus, difficulties during  a market analysis, for instance, should be put in perspective. Conbit does a great job by guiding its interns to creative solutions by teaching young professionals like me to exceed their limits taught in university.”


‘’Wassim and Daan did a great job last in the past 4-5 months. They were both able to sell our Conbit brand in countries to which they have never been, resulting in multiple meetings, and opportunities.

The steps that they both have taken and the growth they have made are something that the crew from Conbit is very proud of.’’

- Danny Markus, Sales and Marketing Internship Mentor

With our Engineering internships, Conbit provides interns with a platform and space to use their technical knowledge to work on designing equipment that can be developed and used giving their design concept the possibility of materializing. Dennis Plaum and Justin Storms were the recent Engineering interns who worked on certain project equipment designs as part of their final graduation internship.

Justin Storms

During Justin’s internship, he focused on the design and development of the winch section of Conbit’s SL900 crane. Justin was able to work with the different components of the SL900 series while conducting in-depth studies as well as generating several design concepts. He led the construction of  his optimal design of the SL900 winch section design.

“I have been able to deliver an optimal end product that meets the requirements and wishes of Conbit. However, I also faced several challenges during the internship. For example, I have some experience with building and designing machines. However, the projects at Conbit are more focused on designing steel structures. These are very different disciplines, so I had to adjust my way of thinking and designing. I saw this as an opportunity to learn new things.”

Dennis Plaum

The main focus of Dennis’ internship was to develop a floating gin pole with a 1-tonne capacity.  During his internship, Dennis was exposed to different design programs as well as in the field where he had to set up a test construction at our Conbit warehouse.

“During the creation of the design, I got a better picture of what steps the company goes through to make a final design. In the first part of the assignment, I did a lot of research about the different lifting techniques offshore, and which techniques are used at Conbit. In part 2 of my assignment, I converted the knowledge I gathered in part 1 into four concepts. With the help of Conbit's exceptional knowledge of the offshore industry, I was able to choose a final concept. I then worked out this concept further in the drawing program inventor.

In addition, it was also interesting to see what kind of projects everyone was working on. During my internship, I was also able to help set up a test construction; this was particularly interesting because I did get a better picture of how big everything is in real life instead of how you see it on the computer screen.”


‘’Dennis and Justin both graduated with good grades. They did a great job in their own projects. They were able to lead their own assignments and displayed a positive attitude and eagerness to learn. The end result of their assignment was achieved by the steps they took and the growth they have made. We wish them all the success in building their promising future careers. Well done guys!’’

-Aad Sonneveld, Engineering Internship Mentor


Conbit is extremely proud of the progress and dedication that our recent group of International Sales and Engineering interns have displayed. We take pride inbeing able to contribute to the growth and development of young professionals and having the opportunity to impart some of the tools, techniques and best practices implemented in our departments to our aspiring professionals.

We are currently in search of our next group of interns for the next quarter. If the opportunities experienced by Daan, Wassim, Justin, and Dennis have piqued your interest, send us a message on LinkedIn or apply via the vacancy on

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Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director