Engineering Support Jacket & Topside Installation – P11E Eversea

Engineering in Conbit’s DNA

EverSea needed engineering support for the P11-E platform’s installation. Conbit provided engineering support focused on upending and offshore lifting.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

Detailed lifting plan provided by Conbit engineers

The platform

The unmanned satellite platform P11-E is located about 50 kilometers outside the Dutch coast in the North Sea. Eversea was responsible for the offshore installation of the jacket structure using their jack-up vessel “Innovation.”


The engineering support, which Conbit offered, focused on upending and offshore lifting. The project scope included the following activities: 

Harbor Lifts (Jacket, four piles, Topside), Barge to Jack Up Innovation 

  • Method Statement 
  • Lift plan/procedure 
  • Lift assemblies will be as per offshore lifts since they will be governing. 

Offshore Lifts (Jacket, four piles, Topside) 

  • Method Statement 
  • 3x Lift plan/procedure 
  • 3x Lift assembly (GA and assembly drawings and structural calculation)

Eversea requested Conbit for engineering work for the following lifts: 

  • Hydraulic hammer 
  • Internal lifting tool 
  • Swaging tool 

The scope concerning the lifts was divided into GA Drawings, lift analysis, and plans. It also included the lift assembly drawings and structural engineering analysis reports regarding rigging.

Project execution

Conbit provided method statements and lift plans for the onshore and offshore lifting of the jackets, four piles, and the top side. Furthermore, Conbit delivered assembly drawings and structural calculations of the lifting components necessary for these lifts. 

As a complete package, Conbit also provided the design and engineering work for lifts of the hydraulic hammer, internal lifting tool, and swaging tool.

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