Engineering Overhead Crane Support Structure - Dow, Terneuzen

Improved design to support more weight

Dow Benelux BV in Terneuzen needed to replace one overhead crane in area D400. They commissioned Conbit to calculate the support structure for the new overhead cranes.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

New design lay-out

The project

The overhead crane with a capacity of 3 MT replaced the two overhead cranes with 2 MT capacity. The existing overhead crane support structure was extended with two extra support beams in the middle of the span of the old crane.

Dow Benelux BV awarded TMS Industrie Services to fabricate and install the new support beams for the new Konecranes overhead cranes. For this support structure, a calculation report was needed to check the strength and stability of the support beams.


Conbit provided the report defining the conditions and operating limits for the overhead cranes and the support structure. The scope included the regulations applicable to the design, design specifications, check of the overhead crane support structure, check of the local load introduction to the building, and the stability of the existing structure.


The overhead crane capacity needed to be increased from 1 trolley of SWL 3 MT to 2 trolleys of 2 MT.

Conbit analyzed the structures supporting the overhead cranes. The analysis anticipated the need for reinforcements implemented by the installation contractor. The design and engineering were conducted according to the Euro Code and ISO 12488-1.

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