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In the middle of 2013, the containership Eugen, owned by Maersk, caught fire while sailing through the Gulf of Aden en route from Jebel Ali. Its mother company called Svitzer to assist with the activities to get Eugen back on schedule.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

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Svitzer requested that Conbit provide a team of rope access technicians to assist with unloading the damaged containers and securing the surrounding containers. Two teams of 4 rope access technicians flew to Djibouti on short notice and performed an excellent job.


Rope access makes difficult-to-reach locations accessible in a safe and efficient manner. The specialized skills needed from Conbit’s technicians are the following: 

♣ Rigging works

♣ Securing load

♣ Attaching port crane hook configuration

♣ Assessing safety hazards


As a special lifting company, all Conbit technicians are used to working with unconventional methods of handling different loads. Combined with their rigging and rope access qualifications, their skills can be highly beneficial in salvage operations. The structural engineering department provides the necessary support to the team. This enables Conbit to offer solutions in the most challenging salvage projects.

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