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Conbit is working on oil and gas assets all around the globe
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International Sales and Marketing Intern

Vacany for

International Sales and Marketing Intern


For more than 20 years, Conbit has been serving industries in the fields of onshore and offshore oil and gas, offshore wind, decommissioning, petrochemicals, and High Tech.

We specialize in the special lifting, and our business focus is on lifting projects, lifting equipment, towers and stacks, and integrated projects. We utilize our experience, knowledge, and creative thinking to come up with the best solutions that not only meet customer demands but also conform to applicable codes and safety standards.

We aim to maintain long-term business relationships, and we, therefore, put great effort into close cooperation with our clients.


Learn to be a global success. You will become part of a team of professionals, finding clients all over the world. You will learn how to find new projects with companies like Shell, Total, Statoil, ExxonMobil, and Vattenfall. You will get actively involved in the global oil and gas, wind energy, and petrochemical markets. You will become proficient in understanding the differences in all Conbit's market segments, including offshore fossil and renewable industries.

Conbit is a service provider to the oil and gas, wind energy, and petrochemical industry. We work around the globe on projects which require a challenging lifting solution. Our engineers are based in Eindhoven and our field teams travel to all corners of the world. The majority of our clients are based in Europe, Western Africa, South East Asia, USA, and Australia. The sales team of five sales managers is divided into three locations, three in Eindhoven, one in Kuala Lumpur, and one in Jakarta.

Following your internship at Conbit, means that you’ll have the opportunity to host an actual business trip in a foreign country. And remember, the world is our playing field!


For the successful candidate, we offer:

• Your internship challenge for a period of one semester starting at the beginning of September 2022.

• A unique international experience in which you learn all aspects of B2B in capital-intensive markets.

• An on-the-job training program on targeting and prospecting.

• The opportunity to optimize marketing strategies and tactics of Conbit.

• A chance to make a difference in Conbit’s marketing activities and become our “marketing ambassador”

• Additional assignments strengthen your existing and new competencies. Assignments will be chosen in line with requirements from Conbit and your university.




• A second or third-year student in marketing, international business, commerce, or equivalent



• Proficient in English.



• Working on a strategic improvement or implementation project for a maximum of 50% of your time.



• A student that wants to be part of the sales team.

• A confident communicator who is happy to speak with people anywhere face-to-face, on the phone, or in writing.

• Motivated by targets and achieving results. You may have a competitive nature!

• Enthusiastic and willing to learn new commercial skills.

• Eager to chase the Conbit stories and projects as well as liaise with the global marketing team to get these stories out in the world.

• A student that can easily work from home in case Corona measures dictate.



• Not a graduate student


For more information and to submit your application, please send an email to Danny Markus (


Your manager

Bram van Oirschot

Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director

Is this a job for you?

Working at Conbit means working in a young and dynamic team of engineering professionals. Team spirit, learning and willing to share your knowledge with others are considered as success factors of Conbit. Being part of a team means also having fun together. Conbit encourages personal development and gives you this opportunity.
Apply below, or just give us a call we are more than happy to hear from you!

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