Flare Tip Replacement - Salsa Platform, Gulf of Mexico

Simultaneous operations

Shell Offshore Inc. requires a flare tip replacement at its Salsa facility in the Gulf of Mexico. They awarded Conbit the contract because of its extensive experience in the task. 

The offshore works were done simultaneously with the works at the Shell’s Enchilada platform.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

The supply vessel with the old flare tip and the new one to be installed on top of the flare tip


In 2019, Conbit conducted a site survey to verify the situation at the platform. Based on the gathered data and information, Conbit engineers worked with Worley engineers in New Orleans to prepare the lifting method and other engineering activities.

The scope of work includes the replacement of the HP flare tip from the single pipe to a multi-arm candle-type flare tip. 

The execution of the project took place in the summer of 2020.


The team thoroughly tested the flare tip handling system inside the Conbit warehouse. This was done by doing the load test in Eindhoven, which a client representative witnessed.

After packing, the team mobilized the full set of equipment to the client’s shore base. The mobilization was subject to COVID-19 precautions. Hence, the testing and quarantine periods were part of the plan. 


The crew arrived on Salsa and installed the deck equipment within two days. They departed to Enchilada and returned 20 days later. After they returned, the shutdown commenced. However, due to the approach of Hurricane Laura, the full project execution was postponed. The project resumed ten days later. 

The Conbit team installed the flare tip handling system and successfully conducted the load test. They positioned the supply vessel underneath the flare tip access platform and started the lifting operation. Conbit used its primary lifting and light rigging equipment to handle the flare tips on top of the flare tip access points. In addition, they use a separate line to lift to and from the supply vessel. The flare tips were handled by the Conbit’s primary lifting equipment and light rigging equipment on top of the flare tip access platform. 

Once done, the Conbit technicians completed the bolting and housekeeping activities and packed the container. 

The lifting operation went very smoothly and was completed successfully despite the delays.

See how we got to work

Flare tip replacement - Salsa Platfrom, Gulf of Mexico
Flare tip replacement - Salsa Platfrom, Gulf of Mexico
Flare tip replacement - Salsa Platfrom, Gulf of Mexico
Flare tip replacement - Salsa Platfrom, Gulf of Mexico
Flare tip replacement - Salsa Platfrom, Gulf of Mexico
Flare tip replacement - Salsa Platfrom, Gulf of Mexico

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experience from the client

Conbit’s turnkey solutions to material handling and installation at heights with no crane access is seen to be a game changer for the Shell Deepwater GOM business. In the past we would have had to design and plan a one off solution inhouse. By using Conbit they did all the heavy lifting from concept to implementation which resulted in lower cost with no compromise in Safety or Quality for Shell.

Brent Wahl
Shell needed to reduce costs as well as the complexity of a flare tip replacement operation, without compromising safety and quality during the project.


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