Marnix Verschoor

Managing Director Services

Marnix Verschoor is a seasoned professional with a distinguished career in the maritime industry. A graduate of the Technical University of Delft, he holds a degree in Naval Architecture, a foundation that has propelled his success. With over two decades of dedicated service, Marnix has been a driving force in global business development, particularly within the marine crane sector.

His expertise and insights have been honed through diverse experiences, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the field. Marnix's journey has now brought him to Conbit, where he assumes the helm of the Services division. Here, his leadership extends to crucial areas such as crane inspections, rentals, and services, affirming his commitment to innovation and excellence in maritime operations.

Marnix Verschoor is driven by a steadfast commitment to elevate his clients' experience and deliver unparalleled value. Leveraging his extensive network and decades of industry insight, he envisions a seamless global inspection service for cranes, acting as a conduit to streamline crane inspection and maintenance needs for marine fleet owners. Marnix's dedication extends to fostering Conbit's rental crane fleet growth, empowering marine industry clients with reliable and high-quality equipment. Moreover, he's poised to fortify Conbit's presence in offshore sectors, including oil and gas and wind industries, by expanding their crane service portfolio. Marnix's strategic vision and unwavering dedication stand as a testament to his pursuit of enhancing operational excellence and client satisfaction in maritime and offshore domains.

Beyond his professional achievements, Marnix Verschoor finds immense joy as a devoted father and a loving husband. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands, he shares his life with a wonderful wife. Together, they've woven a tapestry of shared passions, embracing the wonders of travel, savoring diverse cuisines, and harmonizing their souls with the melodies of music. Marnix's commitment to his family mirrors his dedication to his career – a testament to his ability to navigate the intricate rhythms of both professional and personal spheres with grace and determination.

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