Lenny van den Braak

Sales Manager

Lenny's journey with Conbit began as an intern, where he showcased his dedication and talent. He played a pivotal role in expanding Conbit's presence by venturing into the market of Trinidad and Tobago, successfully establishing a strong foothold in the region.

After completing his studies, Lenny's exceptional skills and passion led him back to Conbit, this time as a Sales Manager. With his comprehensive understanding of the company's offerings and market dynamics, Lenny spearheads sales efforts, driving growth and forging valuable connections with clients.

His hands-on experience and intimate knowledge of the Trinidad and Tobago market enable him to identify unique opportunities and tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of clients in the region. Lenny's strategic approach, combined with his strong interpersonal skills, allows him to build lasting relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.

As a dynamic member of the Conbit team, Lenny brings a fresh perspective and a drive for success. His journey from intern to Sales Manager exemplifies Conbit's commitment to nurturing talent and empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. Clients can rely on Lenny's expertise and passion to deliver exceptional service and support throughout their engagement with Conbit.

Lenny's role at Conbit extends beyond his position as Sales Manager. He is entrusted with the responsibility of serving clients in the West African region, as well as in the Netherlands and Denmark. With a focus on the oil and gas industry and associated markets, Lenny provides invaluable insights and expertise to clients, helping them navigate challenges and achieve their goals.

As a key liaison between Conbit's clients and the company's specialists, Lenny plays a crucial role in fostering effective communication and collaboration. He ensures that clients' needs and requirements are clearly understood, while also leveraging the expertise of Conbit's specialists to provide tailored solutions and innovative approaches.

Lenny's friendly and calm demeanor sets a positive tone in client interactions. He genuinely values the challenges faced by clients and is committed to going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. His dedication and willingness to understand clients' unique circumstances enable him to offer personalized support and build long-lasting partnerships based on trust and reliability.

Clients can rely on Lenny's commitment to their success, knowing that he will diligently address their concerns and provide expert guidance. His ability to maintain a calm and composed approach in the face of challenges, combined with his friendly nature, makes him a trusted point of contact for clients across the West African region, as well as in the Netherlands and Denmark.

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