Deniz Him

Sales Manager Europe / Middle East

With over a decade of dedicated service at Conbit, Deniz has played a crucial role in our company's success. Initially joining as the manager of the telecom department, he transitioned to a sales position in 2016, delving into the dynamic world of petrochemical industries. Deniz's warm and approachable demeanor makes him a natural people person. Always ready to extend a helping hand, he embodies a friendly and easy-going nature, thriving on challenges and new opportunities. Presently, Deniz's primary focus lies in expanding Conbit's presence in the Middle East market. Leveraging his extensive experience in offshore lifting, encompassing various modules such as flare tips, living quarters, crane booms, and deck extensions, he consistently demonstrates his expertise. Additionally, Deniz willingly shares his knowledge in onshore flares, leaving no room for hesitation. Beyond his professional achievements, Deniz is a devoted family man with multicultural roots, embodying the values of diversity and inclusivity that Conbit holds dear.

Following the completion of my studies in Architecture, I embarked on my professional journey as an engineer. However, I soon realized that I yearned for more direct interaction with people, which led me to transition into client-facing positions. At Conbit, I initially held a coordinating role but eventually made the move to a commercial role.

What I truly cherish about my work is the opportunity to engage with clients from various corners of the globe. Interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures is a source of immense fulfillment for me. I find great joy in assisting clients by understanding their unique needs and providing effective solutions to their lifting challenges. Furthermore, I always make it a point to carve out time for meaningful conversations, as I believe in the power of genuine human connection.

By combining my architectural background with my engineering expertise, I bring a well-rounded perspective to my role, enabling me to offer comprehensive support and guidance to our valued clients.

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