Aad Sonneveld

Manager Engineering

Aad Sonneveld assumed the role of Manager of the Engineering team due to his exceptional journey within Conbit. With a history of delivering impactful results, reforming processes, and inspiring teams, Aad's hands-on mentality, empowering leadership, and passion for nurturing young talent made him the ideal candidate. His commitment to continuous improvement and fostering a collaborative, growth-oriented environment solidified his position as a driving force behind Conbit's engineering success.

Aad Sonneveld embarked on his engineering path at Avans Hogeschool. Amidst a crisis in the construction sector during his internship hunt in 2011, Aad's determination led him to approach Conbit, defying non-existent openings. Swiftly integrating into the team, Aad's relentless dedication prompted Conbit to extend a job offer pending graduation. His resolve secured an exceptional journey with Conbit, a testament to his unwavering commitment.

Aad Sonneveld has left an indelible mark on challenging industries worldwide, including oil and gas and offshore wind. Adeptly balancing studies and work, he contributed to Conbit's telecom projects, capturing vital site data and calculations. His journey evolved as a structural engineer on offshore platforms, including a deck extension project. Aad's aptitude for leadership propelled him to restructure project engineering and mentor interns, earning recognition and respect.

Aad's ascent continued as he became Manager of Engineering, embracing a people-centric focus while maintaining project involvement. Noteworthy is his leadership on the SL900 truss series project and his drive to enhance the engineering department's prowess. With an unwavering dedication to growth and development, Aad's inclusive leadership style and vibrant team have garnered Conbit's success. Join his dynamic team to be part of the journey.

Aad Sonneveld, a devoted father of three and a resident of Eindhoven, brings his innate competitive spirit beyond engineering. He not only excels in managing Conbit's engineering endeavors but also thrives on the tennis court, a testament to his tenacity. Aad's vibrant presence extends to all aspects of Conbit's culture – an avid participant in company events like the exhilarating ski trips. As a pivotal member of Conbit's management team, his leadership shines through, reflecting his commitment to both professional excellence and a well-rounded life.

Recently, Aad's remarkable journey and insights were highlighted in a celebrated Conbit blog post, showcasing his valuable contributions and inspiring story.

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