Lifting at Unmanned Platforms – North Sea

Lightweight lift solutions are the future of lifting at unmanned offshore platforms.

As part of a project on behalf of one of the largest oil companies in the world, Conbit investigated the possibilities of creating lifting capacity at unmanned platforms.

The replacement of solar panels and wind turbine components will be a challenge once more, and more offshore platforms will become unmanned. Conbit provides the solution.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

The offered solution to lift at unmanned platforms


Many unmanned platforms in the North Sea generate the power they need using renewable energy sources, like solar and wind. The power generation equipment needs maintenance or replacement. An alternative solution is required since unmanned platforms do not have crane capacity.

Conbit system 

The Conbit system can be installed manually. The system is designed to carry on to the unmanned platform from a regular feeder vessel. 

In principle, it is not necessary to have compensated walking or access solutions. This makes the system an efficient alternative in comparison to other methods.

See how we got to work

Engineered for lifting at unmanned platforms
Engineered for lifting at unmanned platforms

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