Crane Boom Replacement - Halfdan BD, Total Denmark

“Meticulous preparation by Conbit resulted in a smooth preparation.”

Eliminating expensive vessels

On the Total Halfdan Platform in Denmark, the existing crane boom needed to be replaced due to corrosion. The damage has resulted in a downgraded lifting capacity. Conbit was awarded the contract to replace the boom without using a crane vessel. 

Total Denmark’s Halfdan Field is located approximately 250 km west of the Danish west coast in the North Sea near the German border. It consists of two production complexes, Halfdan A and Halfdan B, and an unmanned wellhead platform, Halfdan CA. Conbit performed offshore lifting and handling services on the processing platform of Halfdan B.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

Conbit's knuckle boom crane used to assist during the crane boom replacement at Halfdan BD


Conbit conducted an initial site survey to the project site. After gathering important and relevant information, the team designed two gantries that can support the weight of both the existing and new crane booms. These two shall be exposed to wind and other dynamic loads the entire operation. Therefore, the structural load calculations for each project phase were a significant part of the preparation process. 

Conbit identified and evaluated all the safety risks, including working at height, handling heavy components, and the weather.

After meticulous project planning, a rock-solid solution plan for the operation phase was ready.


Conbit divided the crane boom replacement project into several phases to ensure the project's momentum. 

Phase 1

In this stage, the Conbit team mobilized all crew members, unpacked all lifting equipment from the containers, built the gantries, and cleared the working deck.

Phase 2

The existing platform boom was used to lift the three new boom sections from the supply vessel. These were later positioned on the two initially installed gantries. 

The Conbit team lowered the existing crane boom onto the support gantries. This was carried out by lifting the boom base and disconnecting it from the pedestal. 

Phase 3

The project team ensured that the old crane boom was skidded away on top of the gantries and the new ones skidded into position to the pedestal. Once connected, all crane blocks and wires were installed. 

Phase 4

Conbit performed the load tests of the new crane boom. The old crane was then removed in reverse order using the new crane. 

The client was happy and satisfied with the result. Conbit successfully delivered a tailor-made solution without any shutdown or incident despite the weather condition and the pandemic. 

See how we got to work

New and old crane boom during the replacement job
The Halfdan BD platfrom on which the crane boom replacement takes place
Conbit men at work during crane boom replacement job
New crane boom getting installed
Crane boom replacement - Halfdan BD, Total Denmark
The new crane boom getting lifted in place
Crane boom replacement - Halfdan BD, Total Denmark

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