Boat Landing Replacement NFA Complex - Ras Laffan, Qatar

The time-efficient solution for multiple boat landing replacement

Qatar Petroleum, operating at the NFA field in the Middle East, required the replacement of five boat landings. Dopet was awarded to execute the project. They requested Conbit to help them with the solution as they need a suitable process and time-efficient execution to minimize disruption at the platforms.

Watch how we prepare and execute

Watch how we prepare and execute

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“A custom-made solution to deliver the best result.”

Conbit performed the boat landing replacement project for Dopet from the beginning of July till the end of November in 2020. Dopet requested Conbit to provide a suitable solution to replace the existing ones, which serve as connecting bridges of the NFA Complex - Ras Laffan, Qatar. With each weighing more than 100 tonnes, this challenging project required efficient planning and optimization from the team. 

Planning and preparation

After receiving all the necessary information, Conbit developed and verified a concept plan. Conbit designed and fabricated four pneumatic chain hoists of 60 tonnes and 10 meters for this project, including custom-made storage frames.

The lifting crew, who executed the project, consisted of 13 people: nine scheduled in the day and four in the night shifts.


Upon arrival, the team unpacked and mobilized all the equipment inside the 20ft containers and fenced off the working areas. 

The project started with installing the outrigger booms, hang-off lines, lift lines, and the tag / securing lines. A qualified Conbit crew disconnected the first boat landing above the splash zone. Dopet provided a jack-up vessel that lifted it to a supply vessel. 

Next, Conbit connected the load to the lifting configuration and attached it to the crane of the marine spread. The jack-up lifted the new boat landing components next to the platform, and Conbit rigged it into the correct position. 

The connections to the platform were bolted and welded above the waterline to fasten the new boat landing. 


At the end of the project, the crew demobilized everything properly. 

Although there was an unexpected delay because of the weather and COVID-19-related circumstance, the project was a complete success. Qatar Petroleum was highly impressed with Conbit's flexibility and professionalism in the job.

See how we got to work

Conbit rope access technician working on the boat landing installation
New boat landing that needed to be installed
Conbit rope access technician working on the project
New boat landing getting lifted in place
Conbit crew on the new boat landing
NFA complex, boat landing installation
Old boat landing lifted out of the water

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