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Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge Finals 2022

Offshore Wind Innovators is an organization that aims to connect, support, and encourage other Dutch SME entrepreneurs to develop and deploy ideas and innovations to find new and improved ways to speed the transition to sustainable and reliable energy systems – mainly offshore wind.

As of 10 November 2021, Offshore Wind Innovators launched the 5thOffshore Wind Innovation Challenge (OWIC) together with Mammoet and their subsidiary company, Conbit, as the experts in offshore heavy lifting solutions. The OWIC’s focal point is finding solutions to the main challenge posed to participating companies. This challenge is to find efficient and cost-effective solutions to position, transfer, lift, and replace heavy components inside floating wind turbines when construction cranes are not present. Participants are invited to present their innovative and unique ideas to create awareness and visibility for their brand as well as their innovation within the offshore wind industry. The company with the winning innovation will be given the opportunity to collaborate with Mammoet and Conbit to gain expert advice.

During the finals of the OWIC on Friday 13 May 2022, our judging panel includes a few companies that are considered leaders in the offshore renewable energy industry, such as Shell, Siemens Gamesa, as well as Mammoet and Conbit. The judging panel was carefully chosen by the organizing team as each of these companies have a strong belief in renewable energy to preserve the planet and have a great presence in the offshore wind industry.

With many applicants and serious deliberation of each participant – two finalists were chosen to present their innovations in the OWIC finals, SkyLifter and Seaqualize. SkyLifter is a growing company with the concept of flying green by providing an environmentally friendly lifting solution that overcomes access limitations and load capabilities.

Seaqualize is also an expanding company that focuses on reducing energy demands by as much as 95%, such as energy wastes, operating and hardware costs etc. with the use of their smart Balanced Heave Compensation systems.

SkyLifter and Seaqualize proposed innovations.

Presenting their innovative solutions for vessel-to-vessel transfer and turbine maintenance at sea, the judges were faced with the task to choose the best solution brought forward. After much deliberation, Seaqualize was awarded the title of “Winner of the 5th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge 2022”, presenting their practice of turning a standard heavy lifting cranes into highly effective and efficient heave compensating cranes with their Balanced Heave Compensation systems, which can be placed in any crane hook and includes internal controls that allow for steady and delicate pick-up and set-down of loads/ components. As the winner of the OWIC, Seaqualize now has the opportunity to work and collaborate with Mammoet to advance their solution for future projects.

For more information on the challenge, visit

For further information on the finalists of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge visit:


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5th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge Finals 2022.
Panel of judges.
Seaqualize presenting the smart Balance Heave Compensation system.
SkyLifter presenting the Solar-electric crane innovation.
Seaqualize being handed the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge award.
Seaqualize BHC model.

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Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director


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Bram van Oirschot

Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director