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Monitoring client satisfaction within Conbit

How Does Conbit Performs Client Satisfaction Surveys?

You hear things about survey fatigue and online “spamdemic,” but this is not the reason why Conbit performs client satisfaction surveys. Conbit feels that the outcome of personal conversation outperforms any form of standardized survey. 

This article provides five main reasons Conbit adopts a seemingly unconventional way of gathering a client’s feedback. 

First, I will describe how the client satisfaction process is set up within Conbit.

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Gather Client Feedback as We Did in the Last Century.

Conbit uses the old ways of personal conversation. With all the tools we have at our disposal, picking up the phone to have a human-to-human conversation seems unconventional.

The sales team conducts these conversations. They will reach out to the contact person whom the project manager names, schedule the conversation, and hop on a 15-minute call. They put the contact person at ease and focus on creating an open environment where they can discuss all aspects of a job.

After the call, the salesperson stores his notes in the CRM system and sends the abstract to Project Management and QHSE. They discuss them in a periodic Lesson’s Learned meeting, then further processed in the QHSE software.

The results are discussed in a periodic Lesson’s Learned meeting and further processed in our QHSE software.

Benefits of the Satisfaction Surveying Approach

At Conbit, we believe that you can only get to the essence of an experience during personal conversations. It is necessary to keep questioning until you reach the core of the client’s experience. 

In general, the client is satisfied. They do not want to mention minor points for improvement or their lost memory of them. During a personal conversation, the informal setting will put the client at ease to share his findings. 

1. Human interactions matter in a rational world.

We are proud of the way we perform our projects. We believe all our project decisions are well-considered and rational. We let systems, data, and computers provide us with direction, but human interaction makes the project run smoothly.

Why not leverage the unique ability of humans to improve the quality of our operations? 

2. Provides opportunities to strengthen client relationships

Once a project is awarded to Conbit, sales hands over the project to the project management while it takes the supporting role. The project manager completes the project in cooperation with his peer at the client’s organization. After completion, all parties go their separate ways.

The relationship can be extended into the next project by getting sales back into the conversation. We like to remain in contact with the project teams of our former clients. Sales can play a vital role in maintaining relationships. 

When the salesperson is conducting the client satisfaction survey, he can re-establish contact and look for new opportunities how Conbit can add value.

3. Small notices can make a difference.

Our client indicated that they experienced an unforeseen event during training during a recent survey. They used Conbit’s flare tip replacement system in a training setting and accidentally overloaded the system. This was not a part of Conbit’s training manual but provided an excellent experience to the client’s rigging team. 

This was mentioned during the client satisfaction conversation. At first, it did not seem relevant, but there was a lesson in it. After the survey competition, Conbit discussed the incident in the Lesson’s Learned meeting to figure out how this experience could be integrated into a training manual. 

With a formal client satisfaction survey (e.g., an online form), this feedback would not have been obtained, leaving a chance for improvement unknown. 

4. Sales as the third party.

You would like to create an open atmosphere during client satisfaction conversations. People who are too involved might be reluctant to receive criticism. Sales are only involved from the sidelines and might be the least judgmental. 

5. Sales are likely to initiate follow-up.

The improvement points taken from the client’s feedback can increase the chance of future business with this same client. The salesperson becomes personally committed to processing the input through the organization and reverting the output back to the client.

Feedback is regarded as an opportunity to secure future and recurring projects. 

What Do Others Say of Conbit’s Client Satisfaction Survey Approach?

You might think third-party certification companies would object to Conbit’s way of performing client satisfaction surveys. We have discussed this with our auditors. Their reaction: 

“It is your responsibility to improve your operations continuously. Make sure you have a clear process to support.”

The auditor agrees with the above process. 

Clients appreciate this way of gathering their feedback. They feel heard and do not feel the administrative burden of yet another automated form popping up within seconds of closing the project. They feel the personal touch that comes with the Conbit way of performing client satisfaction.

“Conbit’s way of performing client satisfaction surveys is more friendly and does not feel like an administrative ticking-the-box exercise. The output of the conversations is probably more useful to increase quality in the industry.” -  Kieran Derbyshire.


Yes, we like to do things differently. We do not like the status quo. We do not like to do things because everyone else does it. We take all our processes seriously, discuss them, and then create our own.

We pride ourselves on how we execute to the highest safety standards effectively and efficiently. All our processes are designed to support this cause.

We look forward to taking you on a journey and using the client satisfactions conversations as bus stops during the ride to perfection. 

The Author

This article is written by Conbit’s manager of the sales team, Bram van Oirschot. He is committed to growing Conbit in quality and size. He breathes The Power of Preparation in everything he does and likes to share his ideas on perfecting the sales process.

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Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director


Conbit B.V.

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Bram van Oirschot

Commercial Director