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Bram van Oirschot presenting offshore lifting expertise of Conbit

Conbit on Total E&P’s Lifting and Handling Seminar

Total E&P invited Conbit to showcase its offshore lifting expertise at its Lifting and Handling Seminar.

Every two years, the seminar takes place at the company’s training complex in Paris, France. This year was attended by many of Total’s clients, including CPLOs (Competent Person Lifting Operators) and SLSs (Site Lifting Supervisor) worldwide.

Bram van Oirschot, Bart Steerneman, and Joop de Fouw from Conbit gave a presentation on ‘temporary offshore lifting solutions’ and encouraged constructive discussions. They also coordinated practical exercises to work on.

As a lifting solutions provider worldwide, Conbit pulled on their experience of undertaking these projects in often harsh environments that require extensive engineering and project preparation, providing industry best practice and an insight into the world of temporary lifting.

“To be invited to present at the seminar indicates Total's confidence and trust in our capabilities and lifting safety,” explained Bram van Oirschot, Sales Manager for Conbit.

“The seminar was well-received, and we hope that we contributed to an increased safety awareness to the global lifting teams present.”

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Bram van Oirschot

Manager Sales


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Bram van Oirschot

Bram van Oirschot

Manager Sales