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Oil & Gas
Conbit opens office in APAC region

Conbit Opens a New Office in APAC-Malaysia

Conbit, as a part of Mammoet, opened its Asia Pacific (APAC) hub in Malaysia. The new office is located in Johor Bahru and is a significant move for Conbit to market its services in this region promptly. “While our main goal is to ensure that our existing clients get the timely service and support they need, we also wish to extend a warm welcome to all companies in the region seeking support for specialist lifting and rigging services,” commented Dave Montforts, the General Manager of Conbit.

Bongkot platform located in the APAC region

Services offered

Conbit APAC’s office will provide a comprehensive range of services to be executed with time efficiency in this region.

The lifting contractor specializing in modification and maintenance of offshore and onshore modules will provide these services here:

  • Onshore and offshore flare tip replacements
  • Flare stack and guy wire maintenance services
  • Offshore rigging and lifting engineering and operations
  • Offshore platform deck extensions
  • Offshore platform boat landing replacements
  • Offshore installation and change-out of process equipment
  • Offshore platform crane overhaul rigging and lifting services
  • Offshore decommissioning rigging and lifting services

In addition, local resources will be shared between Conbit and wider Mammoet teams within the regions to serve customer needs at a greater scale. 

John Halfweeg, Managing Director of Mammoet APAC, remarked, “We are pleased to now have the services of Conbit as part of Mammoet’s offerings to customers. We look forward to providing customers with more comprehensive solutions now that we have Conbit and its expertise onboard with us. This is a great addition to Mammoet’s portfolio.”

The General Manager of Conbit APAC will be Jelmar de Vries, while Jeremie Rotier will be the region’s main point of contact for all commercial matters. 

Conbit aims to grow both the volume and range of its services with delivery to the highest levels of safety and quality. The company believes that having a closer presence with its regional clients will help fulfill these goals.

For queries on Conbit's capabilities for the APAC region, please contact:

Jeremie Rotier
Sales Manager (APAC)
+60 18 2522 157

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Jeremie Rotier

Sales manager Asia-Pacific


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Jeremie Rotier

Jeremie Rotier

Sales manager Asia-Pacific