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Ties Ruiter worked on the Knuckle Boom Crane Design

Conbit Internship: Supporting the New Generation of Engineers and Contributing to the Ever-Growing Industry

At Conbit, we prideourselves in showing support and encouragement to our colleagues to reach thebest results possible as a team. With our various internship programs, we offerno less.

Our latest group ofengineering interns got to work on a variety of projects that broadened theirexperience within the engineering industry. Thomas van den Houten and TiesRuiter joined our team a few months ago as design engineering interns -  focused on the design of efficient andeffective equipment.

Thomas van den Houten worked on a guy wire design during his internship

Thomas van den Houten – Guy Wire Design

Thomas van den Houten chose to work within the Conbit guy wire integrity program, where he worked on designing a tensioning device that will be helpful in future guy wire projects. 

Conbit’s guy wire integrity program offers a range of services to keep structures like towers and stacks upright and secure. These include inspection, maintenance, replacement, engineering, and refurbishing tension values. 

A guy wire project entails the team working with different equipment. This can consist of tightening steel cables to hold towers and stacks up, also known as not self-supporting structures. Using a turnbuckle helps release tension from the cables and tensioning devices.

Thomas shares his experience and excitement as he was able to work on a concept with the possibility of seeing it materialize. 

“I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun to design and possibly make a device that can actually be used (at least as a solid foundation).”

Encouraged, assisted, and guided throughout his internship, the engineering team ensured that Thomas made significant strides on the project he undertook, providing him constant feedback and pointers.

“I started with my plan of action where I defined the problem, made a list of requirements, and explained what I was going to do and how. I also set my learning goals. From there, I started making three concepts for the tensioning device. I drew these ideas in Inventor, which is a 3D drawing program. I then regularly planned meetings with a team of 4 engineers with a lot of experience. During these meetings, I showed my ideas and got useful feedback. This system works really well because in between meetings, you have time to adjust your design, make calculations, ask more questions, work on your design report, and gain new insights. Along the way, I planned regular one-on-one meetings with my company supervisor, showed my progress, and asked questions if I had any.” 

Ties Ruiter – Knuckle Boom Crane Design

Another intern that contributed to the design department within Conbit is Ties Ruiter. Ties chose to work on the practical design of the skid of a 150-tonne meter knuckle boom crane. This assignment required a higher capacity knuckle boom crane design, which can handle bigger lifting loads for larger projects. 

The knuckle boom crane is a mechanism that allows for the operation of various functions at once. This system can manage continuous and controlled speed levels that range from zero to maximum speed. This crane is designed and built to be disassembled for transportation and reassembled on site.

Ties had to base his design on two requirements that needed careful consideration and detail. The first being that the crane needed to be secured for transportation.

“The first requirement of the skid is to support the crane while transported in a container. Almost every piece of equipment that Conbit uses goes to a certain location in a container. This is no different for the 150-tonne meter knuckle boom crane. So before starting with the skid, there already are limits to the width, length, and height.”

The second requirement was that a frame is installed within the skid, as it is needed for the crane's operations.

“The second requirement the skid needs to fulfill is that it needs to handle the forces and moments that the crane produces during operation. These forces are very high, and the frame that supports the pedestal needs to be able to handle these forces with a certain safety factor.”

Ties shares his personal experience and appreciation for his team at Conbit for the duration of his internship.

“During the internship, I learned a lot of things. Not only did I learn to work with the new software, but I also learned a lot of personal characteristics that I can improve on. I am happy Conbit allowed me to work on their project, and I won’t forget these experiences.”

Conbit ensured that Thomas and Ties were guided and equipped to take on their assignments confidently. We are proud to be able to aid in the development of young minds and build skills that will lead to great professionals in the future.

“As students, Ties and Thomas came into the industry eager to learn operations and work with equipment that they have only read about. They both joined the Conbit team very enthusiastically and impressionable. They have displayed growth in their professional and social abilities. Conbit is confident to send these two young professionals out, knowing they will positively impact the development of practices within the industry.” 

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Manager Engineering


Conbit B.V.

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