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Conbit will be exhibiting at the Belgian Offshore Days in Ostend on March 27 and March 28th. Please join the Conbit staff for a drink and a chat.

Conbit exhibits at Belgian Offshore Days

Conbit plays a pivotal role in bolstering the offshore wind sector by furnishing essential lifting solutions at substations. Our expertise encompasses the seamless replacement of cranes, addressing lifting demands beneath the substation, and tackling diverse lifting challenges beyond the operational limits of your existing crane. We're excited to engage in meaningful discussions about these pivotal aspects of offshore operations at the Belgian Offshore Days, scheduled for March 28th and 29th in Ostend, Belgium.

The Belgian Offshore Days are an excellent venue to talk about lifting at Offshore Substations. Join Conbit at booth 252.

Conbit's Guide to the Belgian Offshore Days

Conbit prepared a guide to help you prepare your trip to the Belgian Offshore Days. We present you with our best picks at the exhibition and outside the event. With this guide you will have a great and effective time during your stay in Ostend.

You can download the guide here.

Download your free copy of Conbit's guide to Belgian Offshore Days

Meet the Conbit experts

We extend a warm invitation to all attendees to visit our booth and engage directly with Conbit experts Jordi Helmink and Jasper Horsten. Jordi and Jasper bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of offshore lifting solutions and are eager to address any inquiries or discussions you may have regarding your specific project needs.

e-up image of a bottle of Rigger's Reward beer, featuring a sleek label with the Conbit logo and refreshing condensation on the bottle's surface, evoking a sense of craftsmanship and relaxation.

As an added treat, we're delighted to offer our specially crafted Conbit brewed beer, aptly named Rigger's Reward, available straight from our fridge. It's a small gesture of appreciation for your interest and a perfect opportunity to unwind and network amidst the bustling atmosphere of the Belgian Offshore Days.

Learn about the beer in this blog.

Replacing Cranes at Offshore Substations: A Comprehensive Approach

Undertaking the task of replacing cranes at offshore substations demands a meticulous and comprehensive approach that encompasses various critical stages. At Conbit, we prioritize a full-service scope to ensure seamless execution and optimal performance throughout the project lifecycle. From the initial phase of sourcing a new crane to the meticulous removal of the old equipment, our team meticulously plans and coordinates each step.

Modular lifting systems can be used to lift deck cranes from an offshore substation onto a supply vessel. This approach avoids the use of crane vessels and jack up barges.t
Replacing of deck cranes does not require crane vessels

This includes adapting the pedestal, rigorous engineering assessments, obtaining necessary third-party approvals, and adhering to meticulous MWS (Management of Work System) protocols. Upon the completion of preparatory phases, the installation of the new crane takes center stage, followed by rigorous commissioning and testing procedures to guarantee operational excellence and safety compliance. Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of the crane replacement project is carefully structured and executed, ultimately contributing to enhanced efficiency and reliability in offshore operations.

Lifting Services Below Substation Topsides: Enhancing Subsea Infrastructure

Conbit specializes in providing cutting-edge lifting systems tailored to the installation of J-tubes and export cables beneath offshore substations. Our collaborative approach extends to working closely with diving companies, ensuring seamless integration and execution of subsea operations. Whether it involves the modification of existing substations or the replacement of crucial components underneath, Conbit offers a turnkey solution that addresses the unique challenges inherent in substation infrastructure.

With a keen focus on precision engineering and meticulous project management, we strive to optimize efficiency and minimize downtime, thereby bolstering the integrity and functionality of subsea infrastructure in offshore environments.

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Jordi Helmink

Jordi Helmink

Sales Manager Offshore Wind